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Hello, RNDM. Welcome to RNDMDRP! Are you unclear how to pronounce “RNDMDRP?” That’s okay, RNDM. We’ll explain it to you, but first allow yourself to get comfortable in the unclear. Relax into the RANDOM.

Hey! Does RNDM stand for RANDOM?

You're catching on, RNDM!

And DRP? That's DR. PEPPER (TM), right?


Here at RANDOM DR. PEPPER (TM) we run promotional giveaways and consumer feedback for experimental flavors, but unlike other soft drink marketing teams we don’t run promotional giveaways and consumer feedback for experimental flavors.

Why? Because RNDMDRP doesn’t stand for RANDOM DR. PEPPER (TM).

So why did we waste your time with a fake backstory? Because our real story is short, RNDM. And we need to fill this page with something so it seems like we put more thought into the project than we really did. Okay?

At RNDMDRP, we offer random people the chance to win random stuff of value at random times by participating in random games created by our team of RNDMs. Games are released at random with varying degrees of warning to the public.



DRP stands for DROP.

Why did we remove the vowels from RANDOM DROP, RNDM?

Because #FCKVWLS

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